The Best Dog Treats To Give Your Dog


Treats are the delights that we reward ourselves especially when we feel we deserve. We also give our dogs treats for good behavior. Normally a treat is a sweet delicious thing but dogs do not eat sweets however meat tastes is their epic treat. A dog treat is a special delicacy but if you have chosy dogs you must ensure the treat is above the normal foods you serve.    

Some people may think that making home-made dog treats is a lot of work. There are others who like the idea of making dog treats or food but do not know for sure the ingredients and recipes. In whatever scenario, dogs would die to have the home-made treats.    
Why Cook Treat For Your Dog?

You might ask why spend any time making dog snacks and treats. You will have a variety on what to feed your dog and will be in more control. You can manage any dietary issues and allergies. There will be a lot of combinations of flavors instead of sticking to what manufacturers offer. Your dog's nutritional needs can be met by the modified recipes that you will have, see page! 
Making Dog Treat Save Time

When you make large amounts of dog treat you do not have to keep cooking for the dog. The treats will be frozen in single servings and later transferred and stored in freezer bags. Now, since each if frozen singly it is not easy for them to stick onto each of them and it is possible to move them to the refrigerator for overnight thawing. To get some facts about dogs, visit

Recipes Of Dog Treats

In a dog recipe several things should be factored. With your culinary skills you could just choose a recipe using some suggestions like, your dog's favorite ingredients, his preferred food texture and temperature. You should avoid recipes that your dog doesn't like and gives allergies.

Look for a cook book compilation of the dog treats at and take enough selections. About fifty recipes should be the minimum and anything above two hundred is way too much. One hundred recipes is a good number as you will have many options and several varieties to choose from.

Finally, you are responsible for the health of your dog. You should ensure there is good food and healthy too. So ensure you give your dog the best to stay healthy and also treats that will reduce any visits to the veterinary. It should be a win-win situation for your dog and you.